HealthUnity – an open data consortium shaping the future of personal and societal health.

HealthUnity is a tax-exempt non-profit organization  under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

At HealthUnity, we believe the world’s most challenging problems can be more tractable with partnerships from different communities. Please join us on the quest to enable the advancement of science and technology through advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning ,data collection , insights, knowledge, and applications to improve human health and quality of life.

Our Value:


  • Proactive collaboration to enable insights, knowledge and applications from behavioral data and AI advancements
  • Enable patients to proactively manage their chronic diseases


  • Empower scientists, technologists, clinical experts, and more to innovate and collaborate based upon our open databases
  • Empower patients via knowledge and insights discovered from our open consortium and applications built by our open consortium

Diverse, Equity and Inclusive

  •  Enable a systematic shift in health disparities through diverse lifestyle datasets, insights, and outcomes
  • Build inclusive datasets, community and approaches especially for those who are at most risk
  • Improve real-world health outcomes through real-world data to create shared value for Universal Good


  • Enable a deeper understanding of societal health and wellbeing through the collection of real-world data from diverse groups for more trustworthy models
  • Make an impact through intervention and understanding the critical challenges learned from different stakeholders including patients suffering from diseases, caregivers needing support, clinicians, and patient advocates.


  • Empower a closed loop system uncovering knowledge about the association between behaviors and their effect, driving change and health outcomes through data and technology innovation
  • Relentlessly pursue excellence to benefit patients


  • Bring together an open consortium of scientists, researchers, technologists, patient advocates, health providers, nonprofits, and public/private sectors to collaborate on health and lifestyle management
  • Bridge the gap between different communities to foster collaboration

Contact Us

If you have any questions or are interested in supporting us, please contact us at: contact@healthunity.org