Introducing The HealthUnity Initiative

Behavioral Data: The Lifeblood of Innovations to Empower Health and Wellbeing

Our behaviors every day, including what we eat, how we exercise, our sleep patterns, and our level of social interaction, have an essential impact on our health and wellbeing. However, the association between our behaviors and our health is a black box to us. Such insights about these associations are not available or actionable due to the lack of holistic behavioral data, yet our behaviors have the most impact on our health and wellbeing. The future of healthcare is closed loop behavior management for achieving the desired health state. We are able to live our life to the fullest when we understand and manage our behaviors. 

The HealthUnity Initiative

HealthUnity is connecting the dots to enable the applications to understand people’s health and provide the necessary proactive disease management to make humans’ lives healthier and more enjoyable. It is an open consortium that will enable insights, knowledge and applications from behavioral data for personal and societal health. We aim to help people live healthier and more enjoyable lives by understanding and managing behaviors through learnings from multiple data sources, including what they eat, how they exercise, sleep patterns, and their level of social interaction. Towards this mission, we hope to accomplish three goals:

  1. Develop a self-sustaining Open Data Consortium
  2. Enable Insights and Knowledge through an Open Research Community
  3. Empower Health and Wellness Applications through an Open Innovation Community

Particularly, we believe that having a 360 holistic view about our behaviors would enable insights that help us reduce risk of chronic diseases. We are connecting heterogeneous and inclusive data about our behaviors and their effect on our physical, mental and social health through the HealthUnity open data consortium

We are building a broader open community that is aligned with HealthUnity’s vision and goals. Together, our community will discover insights and knowledge about associations between people’s behaviors and their health, which can lead to better health outcomes. We will explore the associations between what one eats, how we exercise, our sleep patterns, our social interaction level and the effects on our health and quality of life. 

We believe that an individual can have an overall better health and more enjoyable life when these associations are well understood. Through this open community, we will leverage the data and knowledge discovered to empower applications to help people live healthy and enjoyable lives.

Bring Benefits to Everyone

The goal of HealthUnity is to be an influential open consortium bringing inclusive datasets and benefits to everyone.

Empowering Researchers: Researchers, including AI, data science, and clinical research experts, who are passionate about positive social impact will be able to leverage the large scale, heterogeneous, and inclusive Open Data Consortium to discover insights and knowledge to improve the lives of millions of people. They will learn from our Open Communities about the most challenging problems patients and caregivers are facing.

Empowering Caregivers: Caregivers, from in-home care, communities and organizations, are able to increase awareness about the challenges patients face through the HealthUnity Open Communities. They will be able to inspire research and applications to assist in efforts to care for patients.

Empowering Health Systems: Health Systems will have the opportunity to use the insights and knowledge discovered by HealthUnity’s Open Research Community to increase awareness on disease projection and adapt policy and protocols to advance disease assessments and treatments. Innovations from our Open Application Community will help empower health systems by lowering risks, providing more inclusive care and social determinants of health, and reducing cost of care.

Empowering Patients: Patients can be more aware about how their behaviors can impact their health and wellbeing based on the knowledge and insights discovered by the Open Data Consortium. They will be empowered by personalized, actionable, closed-loop applications from the Open Application Community to manage their behaviors toward healthier and more enjoyable lives.

An Effort Together with Different Communities and You

We are a group of computer scientists, strategists, researchers, marketers, business experts, non-profit leaders and health practitioners who share the same passion of uniting different silos related to health through data and community-building towards a positive impact on healthy and enjoyable life.

Together, we believe the world’s most challenging problems can be more tractable with partnerships from different communities. Please join us in our on the quest to enable the advancement of science and technology through data, insights, knowledge, and applications to improve human health and quality of life.