Our Vision

To empower a world where people live healthier and more enjoyable lives by understanding and managing behaviors through learning from behavioral data.


To build and nurture an open and inclusive consortium that will enable insights, knowledge and applications from multiple data sources about behaviors, including what people eat, how they exercise, sleep patterns, and their level of social interaction to improve personal and population health, and social wellbeing.


Our behaviors have the most impact on our health and wellbeing. However, insights about associations between behaviors and health outcomes are not available or actionable due to lack of holistic behavioral data. HealthUnity is connecting the dots to enable applications to understand people’s health and provide proactive disease management to make humans’ lives healthier and more enjoyable.

Our Goals

Open Data Consortium

Having a 360 holistic view about our behaviors would enable insights that help us reduce risk of chronic diseases. We are connecting heterogeneous and inclusive data about our behaviors and its effect on our physical, mental and social life to build open datasets.

Open Research Community

We are building an open community that is aligned with HealthUnity's vision. Together, our community will discover insights and knowledge about associations between people's behaviors and their health, which can lead to better health outcomes.

Open Innovation Community

We believe that an individual can have an overall better health and more enjoyable life when these associations are well understood. Through this open community, we will leverage the data and knowledge discovered to empower applications to help people live healthy and enjoyable lives.

Our Partners