HealthUnity is an open consortium of leading data scientists, AI/ML experts, and healthcare visionaries organized to help shape the future of personal and population health through data insights, domain knowledge, and equitable applications.


To build and nurture an open and inclusive consortium with a better understanding of individual health through behavioral data and advancements in generative AI.


Our behaviors have the most impact on our health, but a lack of comprehensive behavioral data hinders actionable insights into the associations between behaviors and health outcomes. HealthUnity addresses this issue by leveraging inclusive, multimodal, and heterogeneous data, along with AI, to promote proactive disease management and overall well-being.

Our Goals

Open Data Consortium​

Having a 360 holistic view of our behaviors enables insights that help us reduce the risk of chronic diseases. We are connecting heterogeneous and inclusive world data about our behaviors and their effect on our physical, mental, and social life to build open datasets.

Open Research Community​

We are building an open community that is aligned with HealthUnity’s vision. Together, our community will discover insights and knowledge about associations between people’s behaviors and their health, which can lead to better health outcomes.

Open Innovation Community​

We believe that an individual can achieve better health and a more enjoyable life when these associations are well understood. Through this open community, we will leverage the data and knowledge discovered to empower applications to help people live healthy and enjoyable lives.


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